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About us

ANABUKI Group is one of the leading Japanese Real Estate Groups made up of 40 companies located both domestically and abroad.
Since our formation in 1964, we have provided a lifetime’s worth of real estate services and more to each of our customers.
We are continually developing services based on the needs of our customers in order to further achieve the development of
communities by working together.
We are dedicated to supporting people and their communities achieve better lives and grow through our high-quality
professional services and group synergy.

ANABUKI Group Lifelong Support covers our customers for life.

  • Education

    by ANABUKI Collage


    by ANABUKI Housing Service


    by ANABUKI Kosan


    by ANABUKI Housing Service


    by ANABUKI Medical Care

* ANABUKI Collage Group is an independent educational institution that provides 8 professional vocational training schools in West Japan.

Our Business Industries we are in

47 companies No.ofempployees 11,000

With a focus on realestate Comprehensive life services

  • Real estate

    new condos
    detached houses
    sales & broker age

  • Condo mgmt


  • Insurance


  • Energy


  • Construction

    large to small-scale

  • Facility mgmt

    golf courses turnpike
    service lots
    municipal halls

  • Nursing

    nursing homes visiting
    care internet

  • Travel

    travelling agency

  • Hospitality

    hotels serviced

  • Human resources

    hiring and firing

Our Group Companies

We provide a wide range of services centered around the real estate business including electric power supply businesses,
human resources services, and nursing care services.
Since the establishment of the group, we continue to strive for a better living environment for people
and their communities with a philosophy of "lives lived together."

ANABUKI Kosan Group

ANABUKI Housing Group

Major Real Estate Achievements

Our Real Estate Service History began in 1964 and our first condominium project was accomplished in 1984.
We established our Residential Management Service company in 1983 with the hope that our customers could always have a safe, secure,
and comfortable life while living in our properties.

Our Offices

Since entering East Japan in 2011, our services have been rapidly expanding over Japan.
Our Overseas Business Expansion in Asia has been a point of emphasis since we launched our first overseas branch in Taiwan.
We are always focusing our efforts to contribute to the development of local people and communities anywhere in Asia.

  • ASIA( 10 Offices )
  • Japan( 239 Offices )